Locked in a car-3 Year old left unattended

On Wednesday, parents of a three year old left the little one sleeping in the car to have breakfast in a restaurant in Shamshabad. The girl was rescued by the public later on when they saw her crying inside.
The family was supposedly driving to Bengaluru and had stopped near Shamshabad for a meal; the three year old was sleeping so the parents left her inside the car. But, the girl soon woke up and found she was all alone, locked in a car and started to cry.
The crowd tried guiding the girl to open the door, but failed to do so as the she was crying and was unstoppable for that time. The crowd even tried tapping the windows and grappling the door. A video was made by a member of the crowd that captured the whole situation.road_safety_kids_in_hot_cars_rdax_443x249

Finding no way out, the crowd intimated the local police. Later the car’s door was pulled out with the help of a crowbar to take the girl out.
The parents returned to a raged crowd but explained their situation and mentioned that they left the girl alone as they didn’t wish to wake her up and there was ventilation in the car.
The police warned the couple and let them go. The child was fine towards the end of this chaotic situation.