Top 5 copied down Bollywood posters

Top 5 copied down Bollywood posters: Bollywood might be the biggest cinema in India, but Hollywood is the supreme power in all the aspects. No doubt we are developing at a rapid pace but we are no where near them yet.

If you think about, we are this behind due to a reason. We are in serious need of ideas. So are we have been surviving solely on the borrowed ideas. Yes we call it ‘inspiration’ but bluntly put, we are just ‘Ctrl+c,Ctrl+v’ ing it. We are simply copying the posters too. Here are some examples.

1. Murder 3- True Blood


2. Chaser- Phoonk 2


3. Bad Guy- Murder 2


4. Rowdy Rathore- The replacement killers


5. Heroine- The Emancipation


Here comes bonus for you guys:

Ra One – The Batman begins

Ra One- The Batman begins