APCC Chief Raghuveera Reddy Resigns

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Raghuveera Reddy, the President of the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC,) resigned from his post, on the 3rd of July.

The decision came after multiple members of the INC resigned from the Party, in honour of Rahul Gandhi, the former President of the Indian National Congress (INC.)

Rahul Gandhi, on the 25th of June, took the responsibility for the INC’s loss against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Lok Sabha elections and offered his resignation as the Party President.

Raghuveera Reddy submitted his resignation letter to the INC Committee, however, his resignation is not yet accepted.

Approximately 150 INC leaders resigned from their posts and took the responsibility for the Party’s defeat.

Revanth Reddy, the Working President of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) and other leaders also submitted their resignation.

While the INC is demanding the Leader of Opposition status in the Lok Sabha, the resignation of the INC leaders is said to be a major drawback for the Party.

The INC, which is the strongest opposition Party against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP,) is facing internal issues related to the Party President’s post, as Rahul Gandhi is adamant about his decision to quit.

The INC has a total of 52 Members of Parliament (MPs) from across India in the Lok Sabha.

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