Tadepalle Palace Allegedly Orchestrated Drama for Public Sympathy: TDP Spokesman

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Amaravathi: According to TDP national spokesman Mr. Kommareddy Pattabhiram, the Tadepalle palace had meticulously drafted a script well in advance for the recent stone-pelting incident targeting Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy in Vijayawada on Saturday.

Addressing the media, Mr. Pattabhiram asserted that the protagonist of this alleged drama was Jagan, with former minister and YSRCP leader Vellampalli Srinivas playing a supporting role. He accused them of orchestrating the attack to garner sympathy ahead of the elections, while deflecting blame onto the TDP.

Claiming a surge in public discontent, Pattabhiram suggested that the YSRCP leadership, including Jagan, resorted to such theatrics akin to political maneuvers, to sway public sentiment. He questioned the necessity of Jagan being transported by bus when an ambulance was available in his convoy, criticizing the apparent staging of medical treatment inside the bus.

Furthermore, he raised suspicions regarding the rapid appearance of protestors with pre-made posters, within minutes of the incident.  Pattabhiram emphasized the need for answers from the YSRCP regarding the authenticity of the attack and its aftermath.

In conclusion, he challenged the necessity for such dramatics from the Chief Minister, questioning the motives behind the incident and subsequent public display.