TDP and Jana Sena alliance vows return to old Sand Policy upon assuming power: Nara Lokesh

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Vijayawada: The alliance between the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and Jana Sena Party has pledged to reinstate the old sand policy once it ascends to power, announced National General Secretary Nara Lokesh. Speaking at Annapurna Residency in Tadepalli, Guntur district, Lokesh engaged with locals, outlining the coalition’s vision for governance.

Lokesh emphasized the establishment of an inquiry committee to scrutinize the mining department’s operations, aiming to address concerns surrounding sand mining practices. Criticizing the YSRCP government’s policies, Lokesh highlighted the significant hike in electricity charges over the past five years, amounting to nine increases during the tenure.

Among the promises made by the alliance are commitments to reduce house tax, as well as prices of essential commodities such as gas, petrol, and diesel. Additionally, a policy to combat the proliferation of illegal liquor is slated for introduction, with an emphasis on prioritizing agriculture-based employment opportunities.

In a sharp critique of Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy, Lokesh condemned his recent statement regarding Bhaskar awards and Oscars, suggesting that such promises divert attention from pressing governance issues. He further criticized the CM’s alleged reliance on familial connections, accusing him of leveraging his familial legacy for political gain.

The heightened security measures were evident during Lokesh’s engagement, with CRPF (VIP Wing) personnel accompanying him, reflecting the Union Home Ministry’s provision of Z-category security in recognition of potential security threats.

As the electoral landscape continues to evolve, the TDP and Jana Sena alliance’s commitment to reviving the old sand policy underscores their focus on addressing critical issues affecting the state’s populace.