TDP-Janasena readies combined manifesto

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Janasena-TDP manifesto committee meeting

Vijayawada: Janasena and Telugu Desam (TDP) had formulated a preliminary manifesto with 11 major promises. Both the parties are heading to launch a statewide combined program ‘Maa Surety- Bhavishyattuku Guarantee’ (Our Assurance for your future) from November 17.


Manifesto committee of both the parties conducted the first meeting at TDP central office located at Mangalagiri on Monday. Former assembly speaker and senior leader Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Paruchuru Ashok Babu and Kommareddy Pattabhi Ram represented TDP in the meeting.


Former IAS officer Vara Prasad, Mutha Sasidhar from Janasena participated and discussed key issues related to the combined manifesto.


Committee approved to include 5 key promises given by Janasena along with the 6 promises given by TDP in their mini manifesto.


Janasena’s proposals to provide Rs.10 lakhs financial assistance to young entrepreneurs, continuing Amaravati as capital of AP, free sand for the poor, special package for horticulture and dairy industry will be included in the combined manifesto.


Yanamala Ramakrishnudu asserted that the manifesto of TDP-Janasena will satisfy every sector and aims for the overall development of the state. He said that YS Jagan stopped many welfare schemes to push ‘Navaratnalu’ and he assured that TDP-Janasena will implement more welfare than the present government.



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