Vizianagaram: Woman Dupes People Of Rs 4 Crore In Chit Fund Scam

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The Andhra Pradesh Police arrested a woman, who allegedly duped people of Vizianagaram worth Rs. 4 crores.  

According to sources, the accused identified as Patiwada Srilekha, a resident of Vizianagaram duped people in the name of small scale Chits fund business.   The incident happened in the SSR Peta of Gurla Mandal, Vizianagaram district, Andhra Pradesh. 

Patiwada Srilekha committed this fraud by asking victims to pay Rs.3,600 per year at the rate of Rs.300 per month under the pretext of giving 24 kinds of items like rice, pulses, oil etc.  Trapped with this golden scheme, approximately 11,000 people joined the scheme and paid money to Srilekha. 

She initially started giving all the promised benefits under the name of ‘AR Benefit Food Sankranti’ gift,  but failed to continue this year.  Realizing that they were cheated by this, the victims started protesting in front of her house and demanded their money back.

The incident came into light after all the victims of the scam approached the police and registered a case against Srilekha.

As of now, a case has been registered against Patiwada Srilekha and an investigation is underway.

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