Delhi Couple Go Viral On Social Media For Misbehaving With Police After Flouting COVID-19 Norms

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On the 18th of April, a Delhi couple went viral on all social media platforms for arguing and violating the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 norms.

The disturbing incident happened on Sunday, the 18th of April, when the couple was stopped by the police at Daryaganj area for not wearing face masks inside the car. Recently in April, the Delhi HC mandated wearing face masks in cars also even if the driving person is alone.

Flouting the aforementioned norm of COVID-19 is said to be a punishable offence with charges under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Delhi Disaster Management Act or could lead to heavy penalties.

Soon after the incident, the video filmed by the Delhi police went viral on social media platforms. In the video of the incident, the couple was seen arguing with the cop. At one point she screams, “I will kiss my husband. Can you stop me from that?” The couple identified as Pankaj Dutt and Abha Gupta even dared the police to file a case and take action against them. In the video Ms. Abha Gupta was heard saying, “I have cleared UPSC…” listening to which one of the cops said since she has cleared the UPSC, therefore, she should behave in a more responsible manner.

She even said, “Why should I wear a mask in my car? What if I have to kiss my husband

According to sources, the Police registered a case against the couple under the IPC and the Delhi Disaster Management Act for flouting COVID-19 rules in Delhi. While Pankaj had been arrested on the 18th of April and was produced in a Delhi court on the 19th of April, the wife Abha was arrested on the 19th of April and proceedings against her are underway.

Meanwhile, Delhi Government on Monday, the 19th of April, announced a one week curfew in the National Capital.

The decision was taken in the wake of a rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases. In Delhi, as of now, there are a total of 74,941 active cases and the death toll jumped to 12,121.

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