Google Extends Workd From Home Till September 2021

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Due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19, one of the top companies, Google extended its work from home duration till September 2021.

Initially the work from home duration was till May 2021.  However, in another recent announcement, the company allowed employees who do not need to be in office and could work remotely to continue till September.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has sent an email to staff wherein he communicated that the company is mulling a fully hybrid workforce model. He said that the company is “testing a hypothesis that a flexible work model will lead to greater productivity, collaboration, and well-being”.

According to Google, its employees may rejoin the workplace for three days a week and work from home on the rest of the days when offices reopen.

Meanwhile, the tech giant is in the process of laying out a series of changes that will affect how its staff and people at other tech companies will work after the pandemic.

Google had earlier set January 2021 as a tentative timeline for its workers to return to the office. It revised the work from home policy later till May 2021 if their roles permit.

The latest announcement by Google to extend the work from home policy will apply to its all 200,000 employees.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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