Telangana: Public Health Director Releases Revised National Policy For Wuhan Virus Patients’ Admission At COVID-19 Hospitalsl

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The Telangana Director of Public Health and Family Welfare Dr. G Srinivasa Rao, released the National Policy for admitting the Wuhan virus patients in the hospitals of Telangana

On the 19th of May, Dr. G. Srinivasa Rao released the notified policy issued by the Union Government. The revised policy would strictly be followed by hospitals treating people who contracted the Wuhan virus, also known as the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19.)

The revised policy for admission of the COVID-19 patients was issued on the 8th of May by the Union Government. The Central Government revised the National Policy for admission of the Wuhan virus patients after criticism for neglecting serious patients based on several grounds like identity proof issue, suspected patients without COVID-19 positive reports and non availability of beds.

As per the revised policy, a COVID-19 positive test is not mandatory for admission to a COVID-19 treating hospital. The policy states, “A suspect case shall be admitted to the suspect ward of COVID Care Center, Dedicated COVID Health Centre or Dedicated COVID Hospital as the case may be (sic.)” It also clarified that no patient should be refused medical services like oxygen, essential drugs or other healthcare facilities on any account. Besides citizens of Telangana, people who belong to other cities would also be treated and admitted at the designated COVID-19 hospitals if required.

The policy read, “Admissions to the hospital must be based on need. It should be ensured that beds are not occupied by persons who do not need hospitalization. Further, the discharge should be strictly in accordance with the revised discharge policy by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.”

The issued guidelines for admitting patients in the COVID-19 centre/hospitals would be followed strictly by both, private and government hospitals across the State. Dr. G. Srinivasa Rao, the Director of Public Health, directed all the district medical and health officials (DMHOs) to ensure that no hospital and medical centre violates the new policy.

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