Telangana Reports Hike In Cyber Crimes Amid Lockdown, Police Asks People To Be Cautious

In the wake of the imposed lockdown in Telangana, cyber criminals are taking advantage and making money from the citizens of Telangana.

Since the 12th of May, Telangana has been under lockdown in the wake of the second wave of the Wuhan virus, also known as the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19.)  This has been a boon for the cyber criminals who are trapping people and looting money through online modes like facebook, emails and WhatsApp. 

Creating a honey trap of fake offers and prizes, these cyber criminals are depositing money of innocent people in their bank account.  Using smartphones as new weapons, these cyber criminals are sending mobile KYC messages, asking users to fill a form containing personal details and banking information.  Some of the criminals are fooling people in the name of bank details update, credit card update and other ways.  Then they ask for the OTP and promise that the money would be refunded as quickly as possible.  However, instead of receiving the money, it gets debited from the bank accounts of users. 

In addition, scams are also happening in the name of emergency oxygen supply, vaccination, medicine for Black Fungus infection, Remedisivir and other essential needs of individuals suffering from the Novel Coronavirus.  

Recently, the Cyberabad Police registered 12 such cases of online money scam in the name of the Wuhan virus crisis.  It is to be noted, not only illiterate people, but educated ones are also falling in these money scams. 

Statistically, compared to 2020, cyber crimes increased in 2021 and the majority of victims are from Hyderabad.

Concerned about the increased number of cyber crime, the Cyberabad Police asked people to be cautious about the cybercrimes in Telangana, especially Hyderabad. 


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