Birthday of the Badshah of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan Turns 51

As Shah Rukh Khan turns one year more of his golden jubilee life, we cannot stop but walk down the memory lane of all the amazing stories that he has made us privy to, courtesy his films. Over his almost 25 years long stint in the film industry, through which he has become perhaps the most loved and popular actor of all times, he has made us laugh, cry, thrill but most of all, made us fall in  love with those wide spread arms and eyes dripping with love. So on this very special day for S.R.K., giving you all a list of the top 7 best films of the King Khan to watch:

    • Deewana – You have to know where it all started! This is the film for which Shah Rukh bagged the Best Debutant Award, the first of the many many awards he was yet to receive. His role as the Deewana made us all deewana for him.

shah rukh khan in deewana srk

    • Baazigar – S.R.K., won all the bets on this one. He showed us the dual shades with Ajay and Vicky. And for this film, he took home the big one – Best Actor award.

shah rukh khan in baazigar srk

    • Darr – Shah Rukh showed that he could carry off any role with panache – even a negative one as in Rahul. “Darr” instilled the faith in us that the actor of a generation has arrived, not just another poster boy of Bollywood.

darr shah rukh khan srk

    • Dilwale Dulhania Lejayenge – Perhaps the most iconic among all of his films, this movie ran for 10 years at a theatre in Mumbai. Such was the fan following that S.R.K., garnered. And who doesn’t remember the much too often cited filmy scene of Raj lending his hand to Simran running on the platforms as the train chugs away.

ddlj shah rukh khan srk

    • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – One of the best films of the 1990’s that talked about love, life and friendship. Rahul makes a comeback again but with two damsels instead of one and makes us fall in love with his charisma.

kuch kuch hota hai shah rukh khan srk

    • Chak De India – Now this one was what told us that Khan could be of any age and still leave us all on the edge of our seats. You are passionately lost with Kabir Khan as he puts in his blood, sweat, tears and prestige to take the Indian Women Hockey Team to the World Cup.

chak de india srk shah rukh khan

    • My Name is Khan – One of the best movies ever by the badshash, in the recent times. The audience is in fact waiting for more such roles that bring out his passion for the craft. “My Name is Khan was” a piece of art that brought out the talent of Khan to the zenith, at least up until now. The endearing role of Rizwan afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome will leave you in tears of pain and joy at the same time.

my ame is khan shah rukh khan srk

All these and many more bear testimony to what a fine actor Shah Rukh Khan is and continues to touch all of us through at least one of his films. We wish him all the success and happiness for the next 51 years to come.


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