Rakhi Sawant’s Logic: At Least Salman Didn’t Crash A Plane

Salman’s Verdict Vs Rakhi Sawant’s Logic: At last the truth behind Salman Khan’s Hit and Run revealed. Rakhi Sawant in a recent interview with Paparazzi brought forth the secrets behind Hit and Run case.

She said that the case was filed to discredit Sallu Bhai and to extort him for money. She opened everyone’s eyes by saying,” Salman is innocent” Duh!!  It was all a conspiracy theory of “you know who I am talking about” to extract money from the star. It came out in the open because of the sheer bravery of one single person, Rakhi Sawant.

Rakhi Sawant's Logic
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Great Work Rakhi!!! We really appreciate you attesting to the facts with your voluptuous wisdom. we can finally sleep at ease!!