Government focuses on rejuvenating Musi river: Revanth Reddy

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Government focuses on rejuvenating Musi river: Revanth Reddy

Hyderabad: Telangana state government had focused on rejuvenating and giving new life to the Musi river which turned into bad shape. Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy had focused on cleaning and improving the water quality at Musi river and decided to develop tourism there.

Congress government had focused on Musi riverfront development and formed a dedicated committee to study various proposals to clean the Musi river and construct commercial complexes and tourism hubs in the river banks. 

The team lead by chief minister A Revanth Reddy visited Thames river at London and Waterfront at Dubai and enquired about the methods implemented to keep the water clean. Revanth Reddy conducted a high-level meeting with 70 agencies at Dubai on the rejuvenation of Musi river. 

Government is eyeing to develop 58 kilometer long Musi riverfront, commercial complexes and others to give a new look to Hyderabad city. A few agencies had shown interest in the project and the state government is eyeing to invite them to Hyderabad for the next round of talks.


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