Jayalalithaa Hanging By a Thread

The much worshipped Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J. Jayalalithaa, has been hospitalized for a long time now and her admirers and adversaries are all equally awaiting every word on her health status from the medical giant Apollo Hospitals.

The 68-year old Jayalalithaa was admitted proceeding a complaint of fever and dehydration. This was more than two months back on September 22nd, when hospital started her treatment. But as her health got worse, she was put on ventilator and treated for lung congestions. The doctors even did a tracheostomy. Last Sunday, however, Jayalalithaa suffered from cardiac arrest which spread panic amongst the citizens of Chennai and the state. She has been long under treatment and Apollo had even flown in specialists from London to get her health back on track. But it seems that the condition is only deteriorating.

So is the condition of the state as people thronged outside the hospital to keep vigil and lend each other shoulders to support in times of much distress. Indeed, we could see ladies and men cry alike afraid for the powerful politician’s well-being. The chaos really erupted when Apollo issued a statement that they would be releasing an official word about Jayalalithaa’s health at around 6 pm today. All havoc broke loose as cameras showed policemen fighting off the growing crows, restless to know about their ‘amma’. The whole state is also under alert.

There was a moment when the news of Jayalalithaa passing away spread like wildfire on the dry twigs of Twitter. Even the top brass like Indian Express, The Hindu and TOI claimed that the CM have breathed her last. But a small hope and big sigh of relief have put the pressure on hold for the moment when Apollo hospitals released the official press statement announcing that Jayalalithaa is very much alive and is being looked after.

apollo hospital statement about jayalalithaa

Although this doesn’t totally ensure Jayalalithaa being out of danger but it seems like just a temporary fix for a dam that will sooner or later break down and the waves crash in. Time will tell if amma can finally get back to her worshippers.


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