Pawan Kalyan continues campaign despite illness

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Pawan Kalyan, Varahi, Jana Sena, TDP, Public meeting

Kakinada: Janasena president Pawan Kalyan, who is contesting from Pithapuram constituency, has been battling fever and cough for the past two days. Despite his ailing health, Kalyan chose not to defer the scheduled ‘Varahi-Vijayabheri’ campaign, opting to proceed as planned.

Commencing his election campaign on Saturday while simultaneously undergoing medical treatment, Kalyan, accompanied by supporters, embarked on his electoral journey. On Sunday, despite his health not being at its best, he visited the Shaktipeeth and convened a closed-door meeting with leaders from Jana Sena, TDP, and BJP, providing strategic direction for the upcoming political endeavors.

Sources within Jana Sena informed that Kalyan, in light of an urgent meeting in Hyderabad, flew via helicopter on Sunday evening. However, he is expected to return to Pithapuram on Monday morning to resume the remainder of his two-day campaign trip.


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