AP BJP chief Purandeswari terms Jagan’s government as ‘Demon Rule’

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Amaravati: BJP state president Daggubati Purandeshwari has launched a scathing attack on the ruling government, accusing Chief Minister Jagan of neglecting the welfare of the people during what she described as the “demon rule” of the YSRCP regime. Speaking at the OBC Morcha state executive committee meeting in Vijayawada, Purandeshwari criticized Jagan’s alleged deception, asserting that his claims of belonging to the BC community were insincere.

Purandeshwari condemned the government’s lack of empathy towards the BC community, highlighting the mounting debt burden faced by citizens, which she claimed averaged Rs. 2 lakhs per person statewide. She further criticized the administration’s decision to mortgage state assets, including the secretariat and mines, raising concerns about the legality of such actions under the constitution.

The BJP leader also expressed dismay over the government’s handling of liquor control, indicating widespread dissatisfaction with its policies. Purandeshwari’s remarks underscore growing opposition sentiment ahead of the elections, as parties intensify their campaigns to address public grievances and rally support.




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