Will transform Mangalagiri: Nara Lokesh

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Nara Lokesh, TDP, AP, Mangalagiri, Yuva Galam

Mangalagiri: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh, addressed gatherings at the Tidco Colony and Tadepalli Mahanadu Colony Rachabanda Sabhas, expressing his vision for comprehensive development if elected. Lokesh pledged to prioritize Mangalagiri’s advancement, vowing to transform it into a model constituency for the entire nation. Criticizing the incumbent government’s failure to fulfill promises, he assured swift infrastructure development within two months under his administration.

Highlighting his past initiatives, Lokesh emphasized his commitment to welfare schemes, including advanced housing projects like Tidco houses aimed at improving the lives of the underprivileged. He contrasted his efforts with the long-standing politicians in the region, alleging their inefficiency in delivering comparable welfare measures.

Lokesh outlined his agenda for the future, focusing on eradicating poverty and addressing social issues such as substance abuse, particularly targeting the growing problem of ganja addiction among youth. He pledged to collaborate with stakeholders to tackle challenges and fulfill promises for the betterment of Mangalagiri residents.



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