Sharmila demands CS Jawahar Reddy 6to distribute pensions on time

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YS Sharmila, Congress, Chief Secretary, Government, Machinery

Vijayawada: AP Congress president YS Sharmila Reddy threatened to go on protest if the government fails to distribute pensions within two to three days. She raised concerns in a phone call with Andhra Pradesh Chief Secretary Jawahar Reddy, regarding the estimated 10-day delay in pension distribution. 

Expressing urgency, she warned of potential protests if pensions aren’t distributed within two to three days. Reddy questioned the absence of a volunteer system to expedite the process, suggesting it as a solution.

 She queried why the existing government machinery wasn’t utilized for faster distribution and emphasized that even Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) could facilitate one-day distribution. Sharmila, accused the government of deliberately delaying pensions and insisted on immediate action in accordance with Election Commission instructions

This conversation highlights growing dissatisfaction with bureaucratic delays in pension disbursements, prompting calls for swifter action to ensure pensioners receive their dues promptly.



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