Lokesh Slams YCP, highlights Mangalagiri’s IT sector woes

TDP, Nara Lokesh, Naidu,CBN, Praja Galam
TDP, Nara Lokesh, Naidu,CBN, Praja Galam

Vijayawada: Former IT Minister and TDP National General Secretary, Nara Lokesh, launched a scathing attack on the YCP government, accusing them of neglecting the IT industry in Mangalagiri. Lokesh’s remarks came during a public address where he juxtaposed his party’s efforts with the alleged inaction of his political opponents, particularly targeting RK alias Karakatta Kamalahasan, the former Mangalagiri MLA.

Lokesh reminisced about his tenure as IT Minister, citing the establishment of a thriving IT industry complex in Mangalagiri’s APIIC IT Park as one of his achievements. However, he lamented that the YCP’s rise to power led to the exodus of these industries, leaving the once-flourishing sector in shambles.

Undeterred by the political shift, Lokesh claimed to have orchestrated the arrival of a new IT venture in Mangalagiri, providing employment opportunities for 150 individuals. Furthermore, he boasted of implementing 29 welfare schemes independently, using his own resources, to address the needs of the community.

In stark contrast, Lokesh criticized the tenure of Karakatta Kamalahasan, questioning his contributions to the constituency during his ten-year stint as MLA. Lokesh alleged that under Kamalahasan’s watch, no significant developments took place, and instead, the government allegedly resorted to demolishing the homes of the underprivileged, leaving them in dire straits.

Seeking support from the electorate, Lokesh urged the residents of Mangalagiri to discern between genuine efforts and political posturing. He underscored the importance of recognizing those who work diligently for the welfare of the community, implying that his actions spoke louder than his opponents’ rhetoric.



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