Woman detained after failed attempt to Extort Money

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Times of India reported a FIR was filed by Lok Sabha MP, K.C. Patel for an extortion bid of Rs.5 crores. The MP explained a woman asked for his help and invited him to a house in Ghaziabad. At this residence, he was drugged with sedatives in his soft drink that the woman offered. K.C. Patel passed out and woke up to realize what had happened. He claims the woman videotaped him in a compromising situation and is now blackmailing him for money.

The woman’s side of the story is that she was raped by the MP at his residence multiple times and she had to record it so he would stop. The woman went to file a rape case against the MP at Ghaziabad Police station but she was told it didn’t come under their jurisdiction. The woman then claimed she would hand the CD over only once the FIR was filed.

The MP and the police have rubbished the woman’s claims and a search party was sent to find the woman. A case of extortion has been filed under Section 384 of the IPC against the woman. The woman was finally identified and detained yesterday and has been taken in for questioning.

Mukesh Meena, Special Commissioner reported that investigation into the woman showed that this wasn’t the first time she registered a rape case against an MP. Earlier, the woman registered a complaint against an MP at Tilak Marg police station in Haryana but then withdrew her complaint. “She took back her complaint when the police started probing it. We are investigating all possible angles,” Meena said.
“This is a case of extortion. No case of rape has been registered,” he explained. The police are digging into the woman’s allegations and checking her call details. The MP K.C. Patel is waiting for his name to be cleared and says he will cooperate in the investigation.



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