Racism punished: This is what happens when you mess with a Sikh

Racism punished: Racist attacks against Indian origins are not uncommon. These type of issues are not new. We have been victims of racism longer than anybody can remember. But everything has its expiry. We are sons and daughters of a Proud nation and We won’t take anymore of this racist discrimination, and that’s what exactly happened in this incident during which a white boy was taught a lesson by Indian Sikh.

After the 9/11 attacks, these acts of racism have become much more often. Its been years since the incident of horrific terror attacks, but discrimination hasn’t disappeared. Recently, yet another case of racism and bullying occurred in the UK.

A video footage is now making rounds in the internet circles depicting a Sikh boy being bullied by a white kid. The Sikh kid tries his best to avoid the brawl, but Whities don’t learn that easily, do they? They need to be force fed everything. And that’s exactly what the Sikh boy did, after his outburst landed a series of punches which scared the hell of the white kid.

Remember world, there are Sikhs in the world who will keep their traditions and traditions away in order to save a five year old. The recent incident of Harman Singh is the example of that. But don’t take them for granted, because there are kids like this boy who will revolt if you cross the lines that are not meant to be crossed. Hope this will be a lesson for all the racists out there.

Racism punished: This is what happens when mess with a Sikh
Harman Singh Saving 5 year old by removing his turban(Left), Racism punished(Right)