Thailand Affected By Floods Due to Heavy Rainfall

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In a shocking incident in the Northern and Eastern Regions of Thailand, 23 lives were claimed after floods hit the area. Two people are missing and $300 million is the estimated damage.

On Thursday, the Interior Ministry addressed the media and said that the floods had affected 721,500 people in 10 provinces that have been experiencing heavy rainfall.

It was also reported that a rice farming land of 1,554 square kilometers was also affected due to the floods.

But the hardest hit was 640 kilometers East of Bangkok, Sakon Nakhon province where the floods resulted in claiming the lives of nine people. The area has also kept all shops and schools shut.

The president for the northeastern region of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Mongkol Tunsuwan said, “It directly affects the local economy as the city has been submerged for over five days

On Wednesday, Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayuth Chan-o-cha visited the flood affected areas and promised to fix the issue. The Prime Minister also referred to the big project the government is working on fixing the flooding problem with the proposed bill on water management.

Chief of the Thai General Insurance Associated, Jirapan Assawathanakul reported that insurance companies would have to pay as much as 1 billion baht ($30 million) as compensation for disaster relief. He also reported that it would be an estimated loss of nearly 10 billion baht ($300 million.)


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