Thane – 20 Year Old Ends Life, Leaves A Note

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Rohit Pardeshi, 20 years old, ended his life in Thane, Maharashtra, on Thursday.

Rohit Pardeshi jumped in front of a running train near Kalyan Railway Station. The incident came to light after his body was found on the railway tracks and the police was informed about the incident.

Rohit’s body was sent for an autopsy and a case of accidental death was registered.

Dinkar Pingal, an officer at the Kalyan Police Station, said, “Police found that the victim’s head was lying on the one side of the track, while the torso on the other side. When we checked his mobile phone, we found that he had recorded a video suicide message.”

According to the initial investigation, it was found, he left a suicide note in the form of a short video on his mobile phone.

The police said, in the video, Rohit stated, no one is responsible for his suicide and committing suicide is his own choice and nobody should be blamed for it.

Rohit also said, he has no one family members apart from his younger brother and after his death, all his property should be given to his brother.

The reason behind Rohit’s suicide is still a mystery. The investigation is still going on, but no updates were given.


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