For many of us (read people who are chained to the corporate shackles) the week starts with the monstrous Monday and trickles its way down slowly but grudgingly to Friday. Before long we realise that we have wasted half of our Saturday in the previous night’s over-enthusiastic-TGIF hangover and the rest whizzes by in a swirl of Netflix or napping.

Subsequently all that we really have left is a Sunday at hand for which, we concur, a little guidance is needed to escape being like that little child in the supermarket who just goes wandering down the aisles, wanting all the toys at once!
So here are some of the top 5 things that you can do this weekend to make those Monday Morning blues look a little brighter.
1. Rejuvenating Morning Walk: Yeah yeah yeah, we know that this might be a bit too much to ask, but the fresh air and the beautiful sunrise will more than makeup for it. A good long walk with your spouse, or your sibling or even your dog (preferably with the dog!) will be the outset to make your Sunday active and refreshing.
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2. Catch up with Friends: Brunch, Banter and Besties! Perfect weekend getaway while still staying in the city. Catch up with those friends whom you haven’t seen in long and have a good laugh. A Sunday without some laughter is truly a Sunday wasted. Or just watch a movie and go shopping. After all, a little bit of retail therapy is sure to take away the week’s worries. So pick up that phone and make some plans!
3. Netflix and Chill: A Game of Thrones or Friends marathon is the way to go if you want to be a couch potato this weekend and escape into another world – a world of Netflix! Just some cheese popcorn, pizza on your speed dial, a cushy blanket and you are good to go. Make some time for me time.
More than three hours a day could mean brain fade by middle age.

4. Cook: Weekend is when you can throw yourself into the embrace of your kitchen and have some fun experimenting with cuisines that you would like to cook. And if that cake sinks or the lasagna burns, well you always have home delivery!
[female chopping food ingredients

5. Sleep and then Sleep Some More: The bed calls out to you more sweetly during a Sunday, doesn’t it? And you would be dammed if you don’t answer. Get into those comfy pyjamas and fall asleep like a baby.

So those are our top 5 things to do on a Sunday. Comment below and let us know how you spend your Sundays! Happy Weekend Folks!