Baby Delivered on Ahmedabad Train by MBBS Final Year Student

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Aboard the Ahmedabad-Puri Express an incident, nothing short of a miracle occurred. As they say, there is light at the end of the tunnel and this turned out to be true for 24 year old Chitralekha. Reminding of the 3 Idiots, end scene wherein students delivered a baby with a vacuum cleaner, the final year MBBS student aboard the train used technology to deliver the baby on the Train.

Vipin Bhagwanrao Khadse, a final year student at the Nagpur Government Medical College and Hospital, proved that alertness proceeds qualification. According to reports, the train was 30 km from Nagpur when Chitralekha’s relatives pulled the chain for an emergency stop, near Wardha. Vipin speaking to a news daily said that a ticket collector and guard were looking for a qualified doctor. Initially, Vipin stayed silent assuming that there might be a qualified doctor to deliver the child. But when they returned for second round he offered to help.

Vipin assisting a surgery during his course.

In a turn of events, the delivery was not as easy one as the woman was already in pain and had a severe case of bleeding. The delivery was complicated mainly because instead of the head, the baby’s shoulder was hanging out of the vagina. Vipin sent a picture on WhatsApp group of Doctors and asked them for help.

Shikha Malik, a senior doctor at the Nagpur Government hospital guided Vipin through the delivery process. By the time Vipin attended Chitralekha, she lost all her amniotic fluid which complicated matters even more. But with cold water bottles Vipin was able to stop the bleeding and with the help of a midwife on the train, he delivered the baby successfully.

In a Facebook post, Vipin Shared his Experience: