Will focus on fair on transparent polling: CEO MK Meena

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CEO, Election COmmission, CM YS Jagan, Naidu, Pawan Kalyan

Amaravathi: Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Mukesh Kumar Meena unveiled crucial updates on Thursday regarding the electoral process. Meena announced the resignation of 44,163 volunteers and the dismissal of 1,017 individuals from their duties. Notably, authorities seized Rs. 180 crores in cash and other items statewide, signaling a strong stance against illegal activities.

In addition, Meena disclosed an arrest related to the recent stone-pelting incident targeting Chief Minister Jagan. The Special Police Observer will soon submit a report to the Election Commission (EC) for further action.

Meena outlined polling schedules for various constituencies, with voting hours ranging from 7 am to 6 pm in some areas. Furthermore, three supervisors appointed by the EC will oversee operations at the state level. Home voting applications will be accepted until the 22nd, with postal ballot forms distributed to eligible citizens.

Government employees and service voters will also have the option of postal voting. A workforce of 3.3 lakh personnel will be deployed for polling duties over 5 to 10 months, with a total of 5.28 lakh individuals involved in various state responsibilities.