A Lucrative Scheme By The Telangana Government For Beggar Free Hyderabad

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A Lucrative Scheme By The Telangana Government For Beggar Free Hyderabad

The Telangana Government announced an exciting scheme to make Hyderabad beggar free. Citizens will be rewarded Rs. 500 for information about any homeless person living on the streets. A beggar free city is being done to show Hyderabad off to the international delegates attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

A control room would be set up for the sole purpose of getting beggars off the streets and into rehabilitation homes. The GHMC and the State Institute of Correctional Administration will work together to achieve a beggar free city.

Telangana’s Director General said, “After we clear all beggars from the city roads, we will start rewarding public who inform about their presence from December 1. The reward is to make public stakeholders in this effort to implement the Telangana Prevention of Begging Act. For information leading to spotting a beggar, we will pay Rs. 500.”

Earlier, the notification banning beggars would be implemented only until January. But now recent developments show the ban will remain even after the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Anyone found begging on the streets will be arrested under the Prevention of Begging Act 1977 with imprisonment ranging from six months to five years.


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