Facebook Helps A Seattle Woman Finding Her Biological Father


In today’s modern world, there is absolutely nothing that cannot be done with technology in place. Not just complex technical work, today’s technology can also has a great impact on your emotions as it can help rebuild your relationships with your loved once.

Lately, a woman from Seattle reunited with her father after so many years, and was all possible by the sheer power of social media.

tina gomez pic

The woman named Tina Gomez was in search of her biological father and in that quest, she uploaded a photo of herself on Facebook, asking viewers to help her find her dad. Later, after so many shares for the pic, a person called her and believed that he was the biological father she was looking for.

An elated Tina, later asked the person to undergo a paternity test post which it was confirmed that the man was indeed her biological father.

Post the result, she wrote “I got the results!!! 99.99998 percent. Tears of pure joy! My missing piece in my life is over and now it’s a new beginning!”


She thanked and expressed gratitude to everyone who helped her find her biological dad. Certainly, the power of social media is unquestionably sky high.