WhatsApp Update: 5 New Features That Makes The App Totally Awesome


Cross platform messaging app WhatsApp has updated its Android application that is set to bring a whole new set of features which were long awaited.

Although the update is not yet live on the Google Play Store, the application is published on the company’s website and can be downloaded from there.

This time around, it is not just a regular app update, as WhatsApp has introduced all those features which every user was wishing to have in it, and we have a list of all those features.

  1. Mark as Unread

This is arguably the most talked about update from WhatsApp as Android users will be able to mark messages as unread post reading them. However, as you expect, this feature will not make it look as if you’ve not read the message to the sender, instead, this feature is more or less to a personal benefit, as it helps you sort those conversations that you want to view later.

  1. Custom Notifications

Custom notifications lets you set a custom ringtone for a contact and thereby enabling you to select any song from your music directory and set it to a contact, so that you will know who has pinged you even without looking at it.

  1. Mute Individual Contacts

Currently, WhatsApp only supports you to mute group conversations. But, with the new update, you can also mute individual contacts. You can set the time duration as to how long you want to mute that particular contact.

  1. Low data consumption in WhatsApp calls

WhatsApp calling was launched amidst a great anticipation by the users. But, post the launch, the feature did have some shortcomings and the primary one was the fact that it was costlier than a normal call considering its data consumption. WhatsApp have addressed this issue as the app will now use very low data for all incoming and outgoing calls.

  1. Google Drive Integration

This feature is yet not updated in the application updated on the website, but there is strong speculation that WhatsApp is set to introduce Google Drive integration once the updated application gets published officially on Google Play Store.

This is unmistakably a precursor of the long anticipated Google Drive combination to WhatsApp, which will back up your chats, pictures, videos, voice messages among others, with a lot of ease.