Nokia Set To Re-Enter Phone Business With A World Class Partner


Nokia Set To Re-Enter Phone Business: In a bid to make a strong comeback into the mobile phone market, Finnish firm Nokia said that it is currently looking for a “world-class” partner, to facilitate the manufacturing of their mobiles.

Nokia is confident of returning back to the business, which it ruled undisputedly for almost 14 years, but had shortcomings after Apple, Samsung and other Chinese companies gave Nokia a run for their money by providing superior features, post which Nokia had to eventually sell their unit to Microsoft.

But Nokia still keeps its hopes alive of re-entering into the phone market by providing design support and technology for phones while the partner takes care of manufacturing them.

Nokia spokesman Brett Young said Tuesday the “right path back to mobile phones, is through a licensing brand.”

However, Nokia cannot start producing phones till the end of 2016, according to an agreement signed with Microsoft that forbids them to re-enter the phone market until the last quarter of 2015.


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