The International DOTA 2 Championship Gets Bigger And Better


The prize money for The International DOTA 2 championships keeps on increasing with time and has reached an all-time high.

With almost a week left to kick start the tournament, the tournament has already seen a steep upward in its prize money which is currently valued at $17 Million USD, and still counting. Yes, you read that right, the prize money so far is US$17 million, for a solitary DOTA 2 competition.

With this valuation, DOTA 2 becomes monetarily more profitable than the earlier DOTA 2 tournaments combined. This year’s DOTA 2 also becomes the only international sporting event across the globe to offer such huge prize money.

Well, breaking the monetary figures for you, the winner of this year’s DOTA 2 will take away US $6,132,359, which is the current winning amount and might change with every second, and the coach would be entitled to receive around US $132,359.

It’s a noteworthy measure of cash that just further hardens and encourages the way eSports has kept on strolling. Gamer’s don’t bother about the attention of channels of customary media – there’s a lot of cash and enthusiasm from inside they could call their own circle. What’s more, as the years go on and the group of gamers increase, the war chest keeps on growing – exponentially.