Weekend Calling And What You Can Do

HYDERABAD: Weekend is the best part of the whole week. You get to relax, rewind and rejuvenate. But most weekends we end up lazing about at home and not really taking advantage of our free time. Friday night passes by in a whiz of clearing office work for the week; Saturday is a slow start but gets hectic as you engage yourself in the necessary household needs; Sunday starts with the prospect of a fun free day but always ends up with cancelled plans because you are too lazy to go out. Sound familiar? No more of such lazy weekends. With Hyderabad being titled the best city to live in recently, we bring to you the top 5 things to do in Hyderabad this weekend!

  1. Shop Till You Drop

inorbit-mall-hyderabad weekend

With hundreds of shopping malls in the city and some of the best to pick from, you can go on a shopping spree to forget your woes of the week. That red Louboutin or the leather jacket is just what you need. So gang up and visit any of the Hyderabad Central, GVK One, Prasads, Inorbit or Forum Mall. A great movie and some picky finger food to round it all off would be absolutely smashing!

  1. Get your Jam On

anoushka shankar weekend

Anoushka Shankar in the house people! She is coming to Pearl City, Hyderabad, with her brand new album, ‘ Land Of Gold’. Make sure to catch this diva and many other budding music artists over the weekend. We must say, with Sensation, Sunburn, NH7 Weekender, etc., the music scene of Hyderabad has picked up wonderfully.

  1. Get on the Spice Trail

food in hyderabad weekend

You really can’t have a good weekend without going out to eat in Hyderabad. It is just a snitch away from becoming the food capital of India. From Bengali to Burmese, Hyderabad holds every delicious dish. Visit Mamagoto for an impeccable Asian experience or American Chilli’s if you want to go westwards. Or how about United Kitchens of India to get a little taste of everything. Or the good ol’ but never disappointing Hyderabadi Biryani. Food is what Hyderabad knows how to do the best and you can’t miss it.

  1. Get Moves Like Jagger

la rumba hyderabad weekend

Got that itch to get up and about? How about a Rumba workshop or Salsa classes? Check out the La Rumba classes by Furor Entertainment at Spoil Hyderabad this weekend.  Or how about just letting your hair down at one of the many clubs here in the city? Thumping, upbeat music that you can’t help but groove to.

  1. Break Some Records

hyderabad selfie festival weekend

Hyderabadis might be lazy but they know how to keep things interesting. Every weekend is a space to get your weird out. This one is dedicated to all the selfie maniacs. Head out to Gachibowli Stadium and join the 5,000 other people to break that record.

These are just 5 of the many amazing things you can do when in Hyderabad. The food, the culture, the people – all make for a truly incredible place to be at. You could even just have a serene walk by the tank bund, or eat spicy pani puri at a bandi or just stay home with friends and family. Hyderabad never ceases to amaze!