Adobe Layoffs 100 Employees To Cut Expenses

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In order to cut the expenses of the company, Adobe also fired 100 employees, mostly people from the sales team.

With this, Adobe, a tech company is the latest in the list of giant companies which have conducted a mass firing.  Recently companies like Twitter, Meta. Facebook, Google and Amazon fired hundreds and thousands of employees.

An official statement from Adobe read, “Adobe is providing opportunities for impacted workers to find other positions at the software company.  In a statement to the publication, Adobe further said,  “The company shifted some employees to positions that support critical initiatives and wiped out a small number of other jobs.”  The statement further mentioned,  “Adobe is not doing companywide layoffs and we are still hiring for critical roles.”

As per sources, economic crisis and market recession is the main cause that major tech companies are taking harsh steps and cutting down their human resource to avoid unbearable expenses.  Employees of sales and marketing are being affected by such lay offs the most.

If the economic situation does not get better, big global, as well as national companies, might continue firing people to avoid expenses.

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