Maun Modi: Rahul Gandhi Lashes Out At PM Modi

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Maun Modi: Rahul Gandhi Lashes Out At PM Modi

Maun Modi (Silent Modi) is the new title given by the Congress to diss the Prime Minister. The Congress dubbed Modi as Maun Modi for his silence on the recent PNB bank fraud.

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi led the attack questioning where the country’s watchman was when Nirav Modi fled the country. Gandhi further suggested Modi remained silent even when liquor baron Vijay Mallya escaped from the country.

Mr. Gandhi tweeted, “The public is longing to know the reason of ‘saheb’s‘ silence. His silence screams out loud who is he loyal to?” Even on the Congress’ official website the term Maun Modi was used. During the UPA Government, the BJP called the then Prime Minister as Maun Manmohan Singh for the same reasons Gandhi is using Maun Modi.  

The Congress page tweeted, “Is it too much to expect Maun Modi, who had promised to be the chowkidar (watchman) of the nation, to speak one word on this systematic loot of the banking system?”

The Party continued to be bitter towards Modi and even mocked him for conducted the Pariksha Par Charcha while the PNB Scam unfolded. They further claimed Modi only speaks when he wants to bad mouth the Congress party or claim victimhood.