August 7th To Be Marked As National Javelin Throw Day, AFI To Host Javelin Event Every Year

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The Athletic Federation of India (AFI) announced to celebrate the 7th of August as the National Javelin Throw Day.

The 7th of August, is a historic day for India, as on this day Neeraj Chopra secured an Olympic Gold medal in the Javelin throw event at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

To mark his historic victory and honour his contribution to India, the AFI decided to celebrate the day as National Javelin Throw day and host Javelin competitions across India.

The Planning Commission Chairman of the AFI, Mr. Lalit Bhanot said, “To encourage javelin throw pan-India, we will celebrate August 7 as National Javelin Day and from next year onwards our affiliated units will hold javelin competitions in their respective states.” He made the statement during a felicitation event of the Olympic athletes in Delhi.

Upon knowing his victory day to be marked as the National Javelin Throw Day, Neeraj Chopra felt proud and said, “I am feeling good that the AFI is making my achievement to be remembered in the days to come. I will be happy if my achievement becomes a reason to inspire the youngsters of this country to take athletics, especially javelin. If the children are getting javelin and other facilities, I hope they will come and take up the sport and I will be happy to cheer for them and they can be the future medal winners.”

The 23 year old Neeraj Chopra is the only athlete representing India, who secured a Gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He came back to India from Tokyo, Japan, on the 9th of August and received a grand welcome at the Delhi International Airport.

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