For Every Artist Performing On Oscar Stage Is Dream, Says Natu Natu Singer Rahul Sipligunj

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After the grand event and performing live at Oscars, the Indian playback singer Rahul Sipligunj shared his experiences.

In an interview, the Natu Natu Singer, who is being appreciated globally said, “It was a great feeling. To perform on the Oscar stage is a dream come true for any artist in the world.”   The singer, who performed with Kala Bhairav, said it was his forever dream to perform at the Oscar stage, in front of top celebrities, across the globe.  Rahul, who was mesmerised with the experience, said he experienced goosebumps at that moment.

In an interview, Rahul Sipligunj said, “I had goosebumps! Big celebrities from around the world were present in the auditorium, but more importantly, my guru MM Keeravani sir and Rajamouli sir were watching our performance. We had to make sure we put in our best effort and make the RRR team feel happy. So that was the whole intention since it was almost a recreation of Naatu Naatu on the stage.”  He also shared his experience of meeting Rihanna.  He said, “Our green rooms were next to each other and we were going back to our green room and she was coming out of hers.  When we were walking towards her, me and Kaala Bhairava were discussing that we want to take a picture.  She was observing that these two guys wanted to take a picture but were too shy to ask for it.  Then she came forward and appreciated us and clicked pictures with us.  She was so humble and a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart. ”

After Natu Natu song of RRR won the Oscar for best original song, netizens praised the RRR team and the singers.  On the arrival of Rahul, fans gathered and gave a grand welcome to Rahul Sipligunj, at the Hyderabad Airport.

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