Municipal Elections – Telangana EC Declares Holiday In Polling Areas

The State Election Commission (EC) declared the 22nd of January would be a local holiday in the areas where the Municipal elections would be held. 

On the 19th of January, the State EC issued an official notice regarding the same. 

The Commissioner of Labour also directed the 22nd of January would be a paid holiday under the Telangana Shops and Establishment Act. 

Meanwhile, the State EC requested the managements of all the public undertakings situated outside the municipal areas, to allow the employees to take a few hours off so they can vote. 

While the Municipal elections are scheduled to be held on the 22nd of January, election campaigns or publicity of any form ended on the 20th of January. 

According to the Section 209 of the Telangana Municipalities Act, 2019, campaigning for the elections ends at 5:00 P.M.

The polls would be conducted for 2,727 wards in 120 municipalities and 385 wards in 10 municipal corporations in Telangana. 

The results of the Municipal elections would be announced on the 25th of January. 

Stay tuned for further updates. 


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