International Beer Day – Top 10 Interesting Facts!

Lets celebrate the International Beer Day by knowing 10 interesting facts about Beer.
Beer is always a chilling source to refresh the minds. Beer cans adorn the table while we plan for a movie or for a gaming night. Catching up with an old friend or meeting new people, beer has now become very common. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that beer has easily invaded our lives and filled it with frothy. Beer is considered as very fashionable when compared to the other drinks.
International Beer Day

Here are top ten interesting facts of Beer:

1) Did you know what the staple food of Bavaria is? It’s beer, and it’s legal.
2) The second most popular beverage in the world is beer.
3) Who said you can only drink beer? A beer rinse can restore the bounce and give body to your limp and lifeless hair.
4) Beer can help in conquering stubborn stains! Tackle stains by dousing them in beer followed by blotting.
5) It is also used in cooking.
6) Humid weather makes beer warm up quicker.
7) Did you know that the glass you drink out of can affect the taste of your beer?
8) The first professional brewers were all women who were known as Brewster’s.
9) There are about 400 types of beer!
10) Beer enthusiasts often would describe its flavour as ‘hoppy’ but what does that mean? Beer gets its flavour from the flowers of the hop vine also known as hops.