The Nightingale Quits Singing

S. Janaki the singing queen, announced her retirement. She will be ending her career with a song in Anoop Menon’s and Meera Jasmine’s upcoming Malayalam movie ’10 Kalpanakal.’

Janaki who is mostly known as ‘Janakamma’ by all her fans and well wishers, sang her debut in Malayalam in 1957. S. Janaki has sung 48,000 songs in a career spanning 59 years and has won 35 Awards.

The singing bird says she feels that she has sung enough songs and now would like to cap her career. S. Janaki also added that she has accomplished enough and would love to spend some time away from singing.

Ever since the “Nightingale of South” announced her retirement people misunderstood and erroneously started spreading news of her death on the internet.

S.P. Balasubrahmanyam a very famous singer and composer and a good friend of Janaki, took to his official Facebook page to deny all the rumours saying “Since this morning lots of rumours about S. Janaki health condition. All fake. I just spoke to her. She is hale and healthy better than ever. Spread the good news.I don’t know how some idiots do this mischief. Sadistic. Long live the queen of Melody.”

Though this super talented singer will be retiring from singing, her melodies will continue to sooth us.