Andhra Pradesh: 15 Gurukul Students Fall Sick After Consuming Left Over Dal At Mess

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In Andhra Pradesh’s Jukkal, Narayanakhed region, as many as 15 students fell sick after eating food at a Gurukul School.  

According to sources, the mess staff served leftover dal of the night (August 25) to students on the morning of the 26th of August Friday.  Hours after consuming the food in the mess, students started vomiting and felt sick.  Concerned about the health of the students, the Gurukul staff gave ORS water and packets to the students.

This is not the first time students have complained of mess food being unhealthy.  In the past also, many Gurukul students said, the mess staff served them undercooked rice, did not provide food as per the menu, and only serve rice, dal, and sambar.

Meanwhile, the Gurukul authority said, they served yesterday’s (the 25th of August) dal after the cooks told him that it was ok to eat.  The management further added that only a few students fell sick.  In addition, upon getting the information about sick students at the government-run gurukul, Mr. Dasharath Singh, the district Tahsildar visited the school and enquired the students about the incident.

Furthermore, an investigation into this matter has also been launched.

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