APPC President YS Sharmila accuses YSRCP of delaying pension distribution

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Delhi: YS Sharmila, the president of the All People’s Progress Committee (APPC), has leveled allegations against the YSRCP government, claiming that they are intentionally stalling the distribution of pensions. Speaking to the media in Delhi, Sharmila raised concerns over the absence of state employees for pension distribution.

“There appears to be a deliberate effort to delay pension distribution. I have personally discussed this matter with the Chief Secretary. They have indicated that pensions will be disbursed from the 3rd of the month. But must beneficiaries wait an additional 10 days to receive their pensions? If the Election Commission has mandated Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), why is it not being promptly implemented? Pensions should be swiftly distributed via DBT,” warned Sharmila.

She further emphasized that failure to address this issue would lead to agitations organized under the leadership of the Congress party. The accusations come amidst growing frustration among pension beneficiaries over delays in receiving their entitlements.



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