Delta Variant Of COVID-19 To Infect With 60 % Rate Even After Being Fully Vaccinated

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The new variant of the Wuhan virus (the Novel Coronavirus) is said to be dangerous for people. As per the preliminary study by the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Delhi, the new Wuhan virus variant, B1. 617.2 named as Delta is possible to infect people even after they received vaccine doses. 

The study further said, of the 63 people who were infected by the new variant of the Wuhan virus, 36 people received two doses of anti COVID-19 vaccine, whereas 27 people took a single dose.

The AIIMS Delhi in their study said, “SARS-CoV-2 lineages could be assigned for a total of 36 (57.1 per cent) samples, 19 (52.8 per cent) in patients who completed both doses and 17 (47.2 per cent) in patients who completed only a single dose. B.1.617.2 was found to be the predominant lineage with 23 samples (63.9 per cent) out of which 12 were in fully vaccinated and 11 in partially vaccinated groups. 4 (11.1 per cent) and 1 (2.8 per cent) samples were assigned the lineages B.1.617.1 and B.1.1.7 respectively. The B.1.617.2 lineage was first described in India and associated with increased transmissibility as well as immune escape and has grown to become one of the predominant lineages in India.” The study further read, “Our analysis included 63 cases of vaccine breakthrough infections for which the dates of vaccines could be ascertained, of which 36 patients received two doses, while 27 had received one dose of vaccine. Ten patients received AZD1222/Covishield while 53 received BBV152/Covaxin.”

Highlighting the age of people, who got infected with the Delta variant, even after being vaccinated, are 37 years old.

Speaking about symptoms of people, the AIIMS said, “Viral load at the time of diagnosis was high in all the patients irrespective of vaccination status or type of vaccine received. The initial course of disease with high-grade non-remitting fever lasted for five to seven days in the vaccinated group, similar to the clinical presentation in unvaccinated patients.”

With this, it could be said, both the India made vaccines, COVAXIN and Covisheild are ineffective in this new variant named Delta.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) named the two variants found in India (B.1.617.1 and B.1.1.7) as Delta and Kappa respectively. A person who has been vaccinated could have 60 % presence of the Delta variant of COVID-19, whereas one who received single doses of the vaccine could have 77 % presence.

However, there are no deaths due to this new variant for the person, who has received even one dose of vaccine against the Wuhan virus.