Adah Sharma Starrer The Kerala Story To Release In UK

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Adah Sharma starrer The Kerala Story emerged as the secoind highest grossing film at the domestic box office this year and is showing ni signs of slowing down. the makers shared that The Kerala Story be now be releasing in the UK. The development came after the film’s UK release was reportedly postponed by the British Board of Film Classification.

Sudipto Sen, the director of the film, took to Twitter in order to share The Kerala Story’s UK release. Sudipto wrote in his tweet, “Congratulations #GreatBritain. You won. Terrorism lost. Shall wait for your reaction. Oh… now British people shall watch the biggest revolution against terror… #TheKeralaStory (sic).” Actress Adah Sharma also shared her reaction to the UK release of the film. She retweeted Sudipto’s post, and wrote, “Congrats all of you, see you in UK #TheKeralaStory.” In another tweet, Adah expressed her joy on the news of the film’s UK release. Check out the tweets below.

The Kerala Story is emerging to be this year’s most successful film. It’s current box office collection in India stand at Rs 156.84 crores. The domestic box office yield of the film is evidence of its success despite the backlash and ban The Kerala Story faced in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

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