Hyderabad – International Women’s Film Festival To Celebrate Women’s Day

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The Hyderabad Film Club will host a three day International Women’s Film Festival to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

The three day festival will start from the 8th of March and will last till the 10th of March, at Sarathi Studios, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

The festival will showcase the films made by women filmmakers globally.

First Day (the 8th of March)

Period. End of Sentence.
The Hyderabad Film Club will screen Period. End of Sentence., an Oscar award winning documentary, directed by an Iranian American filmmaker, Rayka Zehtabchi.
Period. End of Sentence. revolves around the struggle of women during menstruation and their views about the same. The documentary also depicts the efforts undertaken by the Pad Man of India, Arunachalam Muruganantham, who invented a low budget machine to manufacture sanitary napkins, with an aim of turning India into a 100 % sanitary napkins’ user.
The other films which will be screened on the same day are:
Aua, a 14 minute short film, directed by Aizhana Kassymbek.
Like the Sun, a short fiction film from Egypt, directed by Hana Mahmoud. The film is 24 minutes long and was shot in 2017.
Bokul, an Assamese 99 minute feature film, directed by Reema Borah.

Second Day (the 9th of March)
On the second day, the Film Club will screen more national and international films such as:
Leeches, a 27 minute Hindi short fiction film, directed by Payal Seth and made in 2016.
Blank Page, a short fiction movie from Russia, directed by Aina Meredova.
Raging Royan, a 48 minute short film from France, directed by Doris Lanzmann.
Third Bank of the River, a Malayalam feature film, directed by Fowzia Fathima.

Third Day (the 10th of March)
The third day of the International Women’s Film Festival will end with the screening f spectacular movies such as:
Bou (Bride,) a Malaysia-Myanmar documentary, directed by Mahi Ramakrishna.
Women Prayed and Preyed Upon, a Bengali-Hindi documentary drama, directed by Kankana Chakraborty.
Mishing (The Apparition,) a 75 minute film, directed by Bobby Sharma.
Krishnabibor, a 62 minute Bengali feature film, directed by Piyali Shome.
For more information, visit www.hyderabadfilmclub.org.

Apart from Hyderabad, the Federation of Film Societies of India (FFSI) will celebrate the International Women’s Day by organising the International Women’s Film Festival across India.

Cities such as Kolkata, Guwahati, Imphal, Pune, Bengaluru, Puducherry, Jamshedpur, Kolhapur, Madurai, Karimnagar and Mumbai will also organise the festival and celebrate International Women’s Day 2019.