Beach View Theater welcomes you!!

Beach View Theater. We many not, but our previous generation will definitely remember the concept of open view cinema. In the past the films were used to be projected on a white sheet screen with the help of a manually operated projector.

Thanks to the revival of all things retro, outdoor cinema is back in Ibiza . They even made some upgrades to it. Steps were taken by theater management to ensure the style, comfort and luxury of Ibiza.

The amazing cinema can be watched from beautifully decorated bean beds , small low tables, candles, and food and drink. The management developed their own bean bags for the viewers’ comfort.

Ibiza Beach View Theater

Amante Beach Club offer movies on their private beach from 11pm at Calle Aragon 62, Ibiza Town. The Beach Club location offers an exclusive intimate screening experience surrounded by dramatic rocks and greenery. You will find the Amante Beach Club on a cliff overlooking the Sol D’en Serra bay. Film tickets are pre-book only and not available at the door. Price of ticket in Indian currency is around 2100 rupees.