Microsoft Now Lets You Show Middle Finger

Now a days, the simplest way to communicate something to others is through the symbols present in the phone known as emoji or emoticons. There are so many emoticons present that coveys almost every human emotion. Yet, there were few exceptions as so far, no OS had an emoji that could convey one human emotion that is quite common. The emotion of showing middle finger.
middle finger emoji

Now, Windows OS lets you send this hysterical emoji that has been approved under Unicode 7. Microsoft has included this emoji as it understood the need of conveying every human emotion through emoticons. The description of the emoji says “Please, I don’t like you very much at all.”

This move certainly tells us how Microsoft is trying to sell Windows OS as a trend setting OS rather than having an image of a business oriented OS as Microsoft is the first major company that has decided to include this middle finger emoji while Android and iOS are still defiant to support it.