Online Shopping : Man gets Dell Laptop instead of WiFi Router

Online Shopping
Man Gets Dell Delivered to his Home

Online shopping. It is now becoming the other word for comic sense. It looks as if the companies are trying for the new ways to goof up!!

Going into the details, a man from Delhi placed an order for a WiFi router worth Rs.1,145 with Paytm. What he got in return blew up his mind. He got a Dell laptop worth Rs.30,000.

Read the story here:On the sixth day after placing the order, a package was delivered to Anuj Chauhan. “On seeing that big box in the hands of the delivery boy, I told him that this wasn’t my order, but he was so sure that he made me check the details on the box. Those were my details, name, phone number. I thought they had a bigger box for the safety of the product. I accepted the order. But when I opened the bubble wrap, I saw a laptop box, instead. It was a Dell laptop worth Rs.30,000. I was shocked,” he said.

He also says, “I thought while the rest of the world was getting soaps, stones and fruits, I must have done something really good to have been blessed with a laptop. I wondered if I should keep it, as my laptop isn’t really in the pink of health these days either. The second thought was, maybe I should donate it to my friend’s NGO serving the under privileged children. Somewhere between that there was a thought of returning it back to Paytm.”

Online Shopping
Invoice of Anuj Chauhan

After a day of churning and dilemma, Chauhan decided to return the laptop, thinking about the loss it could cause to the company. “I sent several mails to the company, tagged them on social media sites. But received no word on it.”

Later On April 30, Paytm’s social media team contacted Chauhan:

Dear Anuj,

We would like to apologize on behalf of Paytm and our seller for this sad experience that you had to go through. Would like to assure you that this situation is not ordinary and these incidents are not typical. We are very serious when it comes to our customer’s satisfaction and have a zero tolerance policy in this respect.

As we discussed over phone, we’ve now completed our internal investigation in this matter and really appreciate your honesty and forthrightness. We are very happy to share that we will give you the same laptop as a small token of appreciation from our side. Also, we reiterate our commitment to give you the best products and experience on our platform.

I hope this helps. Should you need any further assistance, let me know.

Look forward to seeing you again at Paytm.

Best wishes,

Social Media Team

Anuj on the other hand is still waiting for his router. He is not complaining though.