WWDC 2023: Apple Introduces New AR Headset Apple Vision Pro

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Apple has unveiled its mixed-reality headset, AR headset the Vision Pro.  The most awaited ambitious launch of Apple would make waves in the AR market and would be available for consumers in early 2024.  The launch was made during the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023.

Highlighting the new Pro Vision, Apple has used its keynote address at the Worldwide Developer Conference to introduce its headset to the world.   The Vision Pro is a standalone device similar to the Meta Quest 2, with an advanced technology.

As a premium headset, it aims to compete with high specifications and considerably advanced features that allow Apple’s newest device to be unique in its own way.

Referred to as a move into “spatial computing” and the first device Apple users see through, the Vision Pro displays apps within the user’s space.  Apps can expand within a space, complete with shadows placed on surfaces to show where apps are placed.

The vision of virtual with reality, providing multiple apps within a space and arranged to suit users’ needs is what attracting the users and said to be uniqye quality of the new product.   Furthermore, Apple Pro Vision includes both 2D app panels and 3D objects, while still enabling a full view of the local environment if the user requires it.

To help users manage the VR and AR experience, a control like the Apple Watch Digital Crown is used to move gradually between the different modes.  This allows users to go between VR and AR viewpoints granularly.  In addition, voice control is also available, making it especially useful for text entry, or Apple’s popular Siri.

The new product of Apple would be ready for consumers for shipping in early 2024 and would be available at a cost of $3,499.  Initially the new AR Headset Vision Pro would be available for the United States markets and would gradually expand.

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