Tamil Nadu Nurse Vanaja Goes Viral For Noble Act Of Saving Life Beyond Call Of Duty

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Netizens appreciate the effort of a nurse, who went beyond call of duty and saved the life of a college student.  A viral video of M. Vanaja, a contract based nurse is all over social media platforms, for her action to save a life.

According to sources, Vasanth, a resident of Karuvakurichi, was traveling on a bypass route, when fell unconscious after meeting with an accident.  In order to save his life, the nurse gave him on the spot cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR.)

Identified as M. Vanaja, she works as a contract nurse at Mannargudi Government Hospital.  She was travelling on the same route with her family, when she noticed Vasanth lying on the road.  She immediately cleared the crowd and performed CPR.  She said, “He showed signs of life after 30 seconds of pressing. Usually, we require oxygen facility while applying CPR.  In this case, I was ready to give him oral breathing but the youth himself breathed.”

Later, Vasanth was shifted to Thanjavur Medical College, where he got complete treatment. 

The act caught the attention of netizens, praising Vanaja for her work, making it a viral video.  In addition, Dr. N. Vijayakumar, the Chief Medical Officer of Mannargudi Government Hospital said, “The youth is safe now because of Vanaja’s timely action. The medical examination showed he has no life threatening injuries.”

On the other hand, a social service organisation called ‘Nesakaram’ of Mannargudi bestowed Vanaja with the title “Nightingale of Mannargudi” and appealed to the Tamil Nadu Government to regularise her job from contractual basis.

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